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跌宕起伏是什么意思 跌宕起伏在线翻译 跌宕起伏

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1. 这篇帖子构思新颖,题材独具匠心,段落清晰,情节诡异,跌宕起伏,主线分明,引人入胜,平淡中显示出不凡的文学功底,可谓是字字珠玑,句句经典,是我辈应当学习之典范。
The plot of this model is novel, the subject matter is original and different, the paragraph is clear, the plot is uncanny, of flowing rhythm, the thread is clearly demarcated, fascinating, demonstrate out of the ordinary literature grounding in basic skills in being dull, may be each word a gem, every sentence classics, whose name is for I people should study model.


2. 规划区将指导今后的建设水果湖发展在未来10年的土地容积率,建筑密度,建筑高度,绿地率为11开,新的规定,建筑物的主要浅色,最高建筑不超过100米,形成跌宕起伏的视觉空间,在东一路,东湖路交叉口处建设一个大型绿地面积,并根据添水果湖滨湖地带亲水平台水果湖延长现有的儿童公园。
The planning areas will guide future construction水果湖development of the next 10 years of land floor area ratio, building density, building height, green land rate of 11 open, the provisions of new buildings to the main light-colored, the maximum building not more than 100 meters, the formation of ups and downs of the visual space, in the East all the way, East Lake Road intersection Department to build a large green area, and according to Tim水果湖Binhu Strip hydrophilic platform水果湖extension of the existing children`s park.

3. 在十月跌宕起伏一周最后一天里,一名交易员站在纽约证交所的里。
A trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at the end of a roller-coaster week in October.

4. 偶尔,亦有匆匆南归的雁行掠过天宇时,留下几声凄鸣刺破冥冥寒空,跌宕起伏的回声萦绕不绝,似乎渲染了这一隅的冷寂清幽。
The prevailing3 silence of the somber4 sky is broken by cries of wild geese hurriedly returning south as winter`s setting in. The echoes remain undulating5 for quite a while leaving the place all the more quiet and deserted after they die away.

5. 小说不仅有丰富多彩的生活内容,而且具有纵横开阖的故事情节,跌宕起伏的矛盾冲突,为刻画人物性格起了重要的艺术作用。
The novel mainly describes the life of Scarlett who is the daughter of Tara`s master around the American Civil War.

6. 小说不仅有丰富多彩的生活内容,而且具有纵横开阖的故事情节,跌宕起伏的矛盾冲突,为刻画人物性格起了重要的艺术作用。
Meanwhile with the hint of a triangular love 本between Scarlett, Ashley and Rhett, the novel depicts a wide and prosperous picture of the social life of the South in America.

7. 无论声音怎样跌宕起伏,响遏行云(it`s rolled off,rolled up,or stuck up my cat`s bum这句太粗俗了,我就意译了),我都感觉不错。
Whether it`s rolled off, rolled up, or stuck up my cat`s bum, it sounds fine to me.

8. 跌宕起伏

8. 为防止资本外逃,控制外汇投机活动,让国内经济发展从日元和跌宕起伏的不利影响,日本央行干预外汇市场,以平衡外汇干预。
To prevent capital flight, control foreign exchange speculation and let the domestic economy from the yen and the ups and downs of the adverse impact of the Bank of Japan intervening in the foreign exchange market to balance foreign exchange intervention.

9. 很简单,这说明我们的国家比其他国家落后,不如别人,我们回顾过去,刚刚开始了一个国家的改革开放和当前的科技水平已经导致一个大国,我们的祖国经历了一些的跌宕起伏,有多少困难和坎坷,但我们仍然回到所有的祖国,祖国,因为我们坚信,-不仅是技术变革的命运,可以改变未来。
Very simple, this illustrates that our country backward than others, worse than others, we look at the past, had just started a country's reform and opening up to the current level of science and technology has lead a large country, our motherland experienced a number of ups and downs, how many difficulties and bumpy however, we still back all of the motherland, the motherland because we firmly believe that - not only technological change destiny, can change the future.

10. 跌宕起伏在线翻译

10. 最近跌宕起伏的市场,导致股市热用户投票,表达了他们的意见。
The recent ups and downs in the market, led to users of the hot stock market, in the vote, have expressed their views.

11. 这是一场跌宕起伏的比赛,在开场不久我们便由弗尔米加射门入球,接着我以点球破门。
It was a very emotional game that started really well with an early goal from Formiga, followed by my own goal scored from a penalty kick.

12. 此前的两个多月,华友股价跌宕起伏,以收盘计,最低为0.97美元,最高达到2.97美元。
Two before this many months, free and easy of Hua You share price rises and fall, with closing quotation plan, lowest is 0.97 dollars, highest reach 2.97 dollars.

13. 在他的近体诗中,绝句这一体裁对日常的人情有更深入的开掘和表现,五律、七律在秉承前代诗风的基础上又有所创新,排律则跌宕起伏,蔚然成观,在中唐诗坛引起巨大反响。
In Bai Jui`s near poetry, his jueju poem has a more thorough digging and the performance to the daily human sentiment, five-letter poem seven-letter poem in front of receiving in the poem wind foundation also has the innovation, long pailv then fluctuates unconstrainedly, becomes the view magnificently, and causes the giant echo in the Tang poetic world.

14. 跌宕起伏的翻译

14. 周三股指上扬,在参众两院在经济刺激计划达成一致后,跌宕起伏的行情终于具备了向上的动能。
NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com)-- Stocks rose Wednesday, finding momentum at the end of a choppy session, after lawmakers announced that the Senate and House had reached a compromise deal on an economic stimulus package.

15. 和以往的英国片一样,故事没有太多的跌宕起伏,也谈不上扣人心弦,一如既往的乡村宁静生活,优雅而毫不张扬的英式小楼和古堡,令人目不暇接的乡间舞会和英伦岛上独好的风景,熟悉的一切,却可以让简迷们为之兴奋很久。
And before England piece same, the story rises and fall without too much free and easy, also do not talk to go up exciting, as always countryside is halcyon the life, elegant and none the flower type small building of make public and Gu Bao, the country of too many things to see making a person on ball and Ying Lun island alone good view, everything familiar, can let however brief fan people for it excitement is very long.

16. 911查询·英语单词

16. 这篇帖子构思新颖,题材独具匠心,段落清晰,情节诡异,跌宕起伏,主线分明,引人入胜,平淡中显示出不凡的文学功底,可谓是字字珠玑,句句经典,是我辈应当学习之典范。
This post new ideas, original themes, paragraphs, clear, strange circumstances, ups and downs, the main line is clear, attractive, plain of the literature shows that out of the ordinary knowledge, every word can be Abas, classic sentence is my generation should be a model of learning.

17. 跌宕起伏的反义词

17. 这篇帖子构思新颖,题材独具匠心,段落清晰,情节诡异,跌宕起伏,主线分明,引人入胜,平淡中显示出不凡的文学功底,可谓是字字珠玑,句句经典,是我辈应当学习之典范。
Post this novel, the subject matter originality, clear paragraphs, the strange circumstances, the ups and downs, the main line is clear, attractive, flat display The great literary knowledge, every word can be Abas, a classic sentence, is my generation should learn from the model.

18. 你的胸中豪情万丈,如层云跌宕起伏,你微微一笑,别了,我的上帝!
Your chest lofty, such as stratus ups and downs, your smile, do not, my God!

19. 瓦伦西亚在过去的两年内,命运跌宕起伏,特别是最近几个月显得尤其剧烈,洛伦特主席表示,蝙蝠军团将恢复正轨,即将重现荣光。
Valencia`s fortunes on and off the pitch have taken a massive hit over the last two seasons and never has it been more tempestuous than the past few months, however, Manuel Llorente has sworn that Los Che will be returned to their former glory.

20. 坦率而言,沒有跌宕起伏,更多的是那表面下的流淌,節制但不苦澀,是我所欣賞的,結尾尤其好。
As a consequence, you could vision my feeling when standing right before the screen---a sense of fret withobscure yearning.


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