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  Section A

  Directions:In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks,You are required to select One word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage.

  Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bamk is identified by a letter.Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.

  For investors who desire low risk and guaranteed income,U.S. Government bonds are a secure investment because these bonds have the financial backing and full faith and credit of the federal government.Municipal bonds,also secure,are offered by local governmengts and often have____36______such as tax-free interest.Some may even be ____37______.Corportate bonds are a bit more risky.

  Two questions often_____38_____first-time corportate bond investors.The first is”If I purchase a corportate bond,do I have to hold it until the matueity date?”The answer is no.Bonds are bought and sold daily on ____39_____securities exchanges.However,if your bond does not have____40_____ that make it attractive to other investors, you may be forced to sell your bond at a____41____i.e., a price less than the bond’s face value. But if your bond is highly valued by other investors, you may be able to sell it at a premium, i.e., a price above its face value. Bond prices gcncrally____42____ inversely (相反地)with current market interest rates. As interest rates go up, bond pnccs tall, and vice versa (反之亦然).Thus, like all investments,bonds have a degree of risk.

  The second question is “How can I ___43_______ the investment risk of a particular bond issue?” Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service rate the level of risk of many corporate and government bonds. And ____44______, the higher the market risk of a bond,the higher the interest rate. Investors will invest in a bond considered risky only if the _____45_____return is high enough.


  A) advantages I) fluctuate

  B) assess J) indefinite

  C) bother K) insured

  D) conserved L) major

  E) deduction M) naturally

  F) discount N) potential

  G) embarrass 0) simultaneously

  H) features


  36. N) spoiling

  本空与前面的spend构成spend time doing的搭配,需要动词ing形式。备选的有illustrating(阐述)和spoiling(宠爱),能与空后的grandkids构成合理搭配的明显只有spoiling,意为“花更多时间去宠孙子”。

  37. K) radically

  本空所在句不缺主干成分,且本空是修饰different ideas,因此需要副词。备选的有mysteriously(神秘地)、radically(根本地)和separately(分开地)。能与 different ideas构成合理搭配的只有radically,这里做程度副词,表示丈夫与妻子有着“根本上不同的观点”。

  38. C) disagree


  39. O) underestimate

  本空为该句谓语,且与之并列的前半句使用的是一般现在时,因此需要动词原形,备选的有assume(假设)、observe(观察)和 underestimate(低估)。能够与空后的age构成合理搭配的只有underestimate,意为丈夫们“低估了妻子退休时的年龄”。另外,前半句与该句构成转折,而前半句提到的是妻子一般能正确判断丈夫的退休年龄,可知该句应描述的是丈夫不了解妻子的退休年龄。

  40. I) optimistic

  本空为表语,且被副词slightly修饰,空气还有more,提示了应为形容词。备选的又confidential(机密的)、 forthcoming(即将到来的)和optimistic(乐观的)。注意本空形容的是空后的standard of living(生活标准),能构成合理意思的只有optimistic,意为丈夫比妻子“对于生活标准要略微乐观一些”。

  41. M) separately

  本空与together构成并列,因此应该与together词性一致,为副词。备选的有mysteriously(神秘地)和 separately(分开地)。能与together意思上构成并列的只有separately,表示正好相反的状态,被or串联,构成选择型的并列。

  42. A) assume


  43. L) reality

  空前的the提示了本空需要名词,空后的is提示了本空需要可数名词单数或不可数名词。备选的有formula(公式、方案)、 package(包裹)和reality(现实)。这里能构成合理意思的只有reality,意为“但现实是他们甚至都没有谈论这个话题”。注意前半句的 assume暗示了前半句是夫妻们自以为的现象、也就是假象,这也暗示43空所在的转折之后的后半句描述的才是真相。

  44. E) forthcoming

  本空是在形容retirement date(退休日期),需要形容词。备选的有confidential(机密的)和forthcoming(即将到来的)。能构成合理意思的只有 forthcoming,意为“常常是马上就要来临的退休日成为了退休规划的催化剂”,即人们只有接近退休的时候才会被迫开始做规划。

  45. J) package

  空前的an后面需要可数名词单数,但early-retirement并非可数名词单数,因此本空才应当是被an限定的可数名词单数。备选的有 formula(公式、方案)和package(包裹)。这里意思更合理的是package,这个词可以表示“一揽子计划”,early- retirement package意为“提前退休计划”。

  Section B

  Directions::In this section,you are going to read a passage with ten statments attached to it.each statement contains information given in one of the paragraphs.identify the paragraph from weich the information is may choose a parpgraph more than once.each paragraph is marked with a letter.answer the questions by marking the corresponding letter on answer sheet 2.

  lessons from a Feminist Paradise

  [A]On the surface,Sweden appears to be a feminist paradise.Look at any global survey of gender equality and Sweden will be near the top.Family-friendly policies are its norm-with 16 months of paid parental leave,special protections for part-time workers,and state-subsidized preschools where,according to a government website,"gender-awareness education is increasingly common."due to an unfficial quota system,women hold 45 percent of positions in the swedish parliament.they have enjoyed the protection of government agencies with titles like the Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality and the Secretariat of Gender Research.So why are American women so far ahead of their Swedish counterparts in breaking through the glass ceiling?

  [B]in a 2012 report,the World Economic Forum found that when it comes to closing the gender gap in"econmic participation and opportunity,"the United States is ahead of not only Sweden but also Finland,Denmark,the Netherlands,Iceland,Germany,and the United Kingdom.Sweden's rank in the report can largely be explained by its political quota system.Though the United States has fewer women in the workorce(68 percent compared to Sweden's 77 percent).American women who choose to be employed are far more likely to work full-time and to hold high-level jobs as manangers or professionals.They also own more businesses,lauch more start-ups(新创办的企业),and more often work in traditionally male fields.As for breaking through the glass ceiling in business,American women are well in the lead.

  [C]what explains the American advantage?How can it be that societies like Sweden,where gender equality is vigorously pusued and engorced,have fewer female managers,executives,professionals,and business owners than eh laissez-faire(自由放任的)united states?A new study by clrnell economists Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn gives an explanation.

  [D]Generous parental leave policies and readily available part-time options have unintended consequences:instead of strengthening women's attachment to the workplace,they appear to weaken it.In addition to a 16-month leave,a swedish parent has the right to work six hours a day (for a reduced salary)until his or her child is eight years old.Mothers are far more likely than fathers to take advantage of this law,But extended leaves and part-time employment are known to be harmful to careers—for both genders. And with women a second factor comes into play:most seem to enjoy the flexible-time arrangement(once known as the “mommytrack”)and never find their way back to full-time or high-level employment.In sum:generous family-friendly policies do keep more women in the labor market,but they also tend to diminisb their careers.

  [E] According to Blau and Kahn,Swedish-style paternal(父亲的)leave policies and flexibletime arrangements pose a second threat to woman’s progress:they make employers cautious about hiring woman for full-time positions at all.Offering ajob to a man is the safer bet.He is far less likely to take a year of parental leave and then return on a reduced work schedule for the next eight years.

  [F]I became aware of the triale of career-focused European woman a few years ago when I met a post-doctoral student from Germany who was then a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins. She was astonished by the professional possibilities afforded to young American woman. Her best hope in Germany was a govermment job—prospects for woman in the private sector were dim.”In Germany “ she told me,”we have all the benefits,”but employers don’t’ wan to hire us.”

  [G] Swedish economists Magnus Henrekson and Mikael Stenkula addressed the following question in their 2009 study:why are there so few female top executives in the European egalitarian(平等主义的)welfare states?Their answer:”Broad-based welfare-state policies hinder women’s representation in elite competitive positions.”

  [H] It is tempting to declare the Swedish policies regressive(退步的)and hail the American system as superior.But that would be shortsighted.The Swedes can certainly take a lesson from the United States and look for ways to clear a path for their ambitious female careerists. But most woman are not committsd careerists.When the Pew Research Center recently asked American parents to identify their”ideal”life arrangement,47 percent of mothers said they would prefer to work park-time and 20percent said they would prefer not to work at all.Fathers answered differrntly:75 percent preferred full-time work.Some version of the Swedish system might work well for a majority of American parents,but the United States is unlikely to fully embrace the Swedish model. Still,we can learn from their experience.

  [I] Despite its failure to shatter the glass ceiling,Sweden has one of the most powerful and innovative economies in the world.In its 2011-2012survey,the World Economic Forum ranked Sweden as the “rockstar of the recovery”in the Washington Post,also leads the world in life satisfaction and happiness. It is a society well worth studying,and its efforts to conquer the gender gap impart a vital lesson—though not the lesson the Swedes had in mind。

  [J] Sweden has gone farther than any other nation on earth to integrate the sexes and to offer women the same opportunities and freedoms as men.For decades,these descendants of the Vikings have been trying to show the world that the right mix of enlinghtened policy.consciousness raising, and non-sexist child rearingwould close the gender divide once and for all.Yet the divide persists.

  [K] A 2012 press release from Statistics Sweden bears the title “Gender Equality in Sweden Treading(踩)Water” and notes:

  1、The total income from employment for all ages is lower for women than for men.

  2、One in three employed women and one in ten employed men work part-time.

  3、Women's working time is influenced by the number and age of theirchildren, but men′s working time is not affected by these factors.

  4、Of all employees,only 13 percent of the women and 12 percent of the men have occupations with an even distribution of the sexes.

  [L] Confronted with such facts, some Swedish activists and legislators are demanding more ex-treme and far-reaching measures, such as replacing male and female pronouns with a neutral alternative and monitoring children more closely to correct them when they gravitahta(被吸引) toward gendered play. When it came to light last year that mothers, far more than fathers, chose to stay home from work to care for their sick kids. Ulf Kristersson. minister of social security, quickly commissioned a study to determine the causcs of and possiiblce cures for this disturbing stale of affairs.

  [M]Swcdish family policies, by accommodating women's preferences efleetively, are reduting the number of women in elite competitive positions. The Swedes will find this paradoxical and try to find solutions. Let us hope these do not include banning gender pronouns, policing children′s play, implementing more gender quotas, or treating women′s special attachment to home and family as a social injustice. Most mothers do not aspire to (向往) elite, competitive full-time positions: the Swedish policies have given them the freedom and opportunity to live the lives they prefer. Americans should look past the gender rhetoric and consider what these Scandina-vians have achieved. On their way to creating a feminist paradise, the Swedes have uninten-tionally created a haven (避风港) for normal mortals.


  46.Sweden has done more than other nations to close the gender gap. but it conimucs 10 exist.

  47.Sweden is one of the most competitive economics life satisfaction.

  48. More American women hold elite job positions in business than Swedish women.

  49. Swedish family-friendly policies tend to exert a negative influence on women′s careers.

  50.The quota system in Sweden ensures women′s better representation in government.

  51.Though the Swedish model appears workable for most American parents, it may not be accepted by them in its entirety.

  52.Swedish women are allowed the freedom and opportunity to choose their own way of life.

  53.Swedish employers are hesitant about hiring women for full-time positions because of the family-friendly policies.

  54.Gender-awareness education is becoming more and more popular in state-subsidized preschools in Sweden.

  55.Some lawmakers in Sweden propose that genderless pronouns be used in the Swedish language.


  46. Sweden has done more than other nations to close the gender gap, but it continues to exist.


  解析:“has done more than other nations”对应第一句“has gone farther than any other nation”, “close the gender gap”对应倒数第二句“close the gender divide”,“it continues to exist”对应最后一句“the divide persists”

  47. Sweden is one of the most competitive economies in the world and its people enjoy the greatest life satisfaction.


  解析: “one of the most competitive economies in the world”对应第二句 “the world’s third most competitive economy”, “…enjoy the greatest life satisfaction”对应第三句“… also leads the world in life satisfaction and happiness”

  48. More American women hold elite job positions in business than Swedish women.


  解析: “elite job positions” 对应第一句“elite competitive positions”, “More American…than Swedish women”对应第一句瑞士的政策正在“reducing the number of women in elite positions”,结合后文提到美国的情况,得出更多美国女性拥有高级职位。

  49. Swedish family-friendly policies tend to exert a negative influence on women’s career.


  解析: “Swedish family-friendly policies”对应第一句“Generous parental leave policies and readily available part-time options”,“a negative influence”指的就是第二句提到的“they appear to weaken it”,这里的it指的是前文提到的“women’s attachment to the workplace” 。

  50. The quota system in Sweden ensures women’s better representation in government.


  解析: “The quota system in Sweden”对应第四句“an unofficial quota system”,“representation in government” 对应后来提到的“45 percent of positions in the Swedish parliament” 。

  51. Though the Swedish model appears workable for most American parents, it may not be accepted by them in its entirely.


  解析:“the Swedish model appears workable for most American parents”对应倒数第二句“Swedish system might work well for a majority of American parents”,“may not be accepted by them in its entirely”对应最后一句“unlikely to fully embrace the Swedish model”。

  52. Swedish women are allowed the freedom and opportunity to choose their own way of life.


  解析:瑞典的女性有更多自由和机会来选择想要的生活。该句直接对应M段倒数第3句话:” the Swedish policies have given them the freedom and opportunity to live the lives they prefer.”

  53. Swedish employers are hesitant about hiring women for full-time positions because of the family-friendly policies.


  解析:因为家庭友好型政策,瑞典的雇主们在雇佣全职女性时会有顾虑。对应E段第一句话,” they make employers wary of hiring women for full-time positions at all.”句中 they 指的就是family-friendly policies,而be hesitant about是对be wary of的改写。

  54. Gender-awareness education is becoming more and more popular in state-subsidized preschools in Sweden.


  解析:根据 “Gender-awareness education”对应到A段第3句话:“state-subsidized preschools where, gender-awareness education is increasingly common.” 而 “more and more popular”就是对 “increasingly common”的改写。

  55. Some lawmakers in Sweden propose the genderless pronouns be used in the Swedish language.


  解析:根据”lawmakers”对应到L段第一句“legislators”,”the genderless pronouns” 对应 “replacing male and female pronouns with a neutral alternative”。

  Section C

  Directions: There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A). B). C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

  Passage One

  Questions 56 to 60 are based on the following passage.

  Texting has long been bemoaned (哀叹)as the downfall of the written word,””penmanship for illiter,”as one critic called it. To which the proper response is LOL.

  Texting properly isn′t writing at all. It′s a “spoken” language that is getting richer and more complex by the year.

  First,some historical perspective. Writing was only invented 5,500 years ago. whereas Ianguage probably traces back at least 80.000 years. Thus talking came first; writing is just a craft that came along later. As such, the first writing was based on the way people talk,with short sentences.

  However, while talking is largely subconscious and rapid, writing is deliberate and slow, Over time,writers took advantage of this and started cratting long-winded sentences such as this one:The whole engagement lasted above 12 hours, till the gradual retreat of the Per trsians was changed into a disorderly flight, of which the shameful example was given by the principal leaders and……”

  No one talks like that casually — or should. But it is natural to desire to do so for special occasions. In the old days, we didn’t much write like talking because there was no mechanism to reproduce the speed of conversation. But texting and instant messaging do — and a revolution has begun. It involves the crude mechanics of writing, but in its economy, spontaneity and even vulgaritv. texting is actually a new kind of talking, with its own kind of grammar and conventions.

  Take LOL. It doesn’t actually mean “laughing out loud” in a literal sense anymore. LOL has evolved into something much subtler and sophisticated and is used even when nothing is remotely amusing. Jocelyn texts “Where have you been?” and Annabelle texts back ,LOL at the library studying for two hours.” LOL signals basic empath)’(同感)between tcxters. easing tension and creating a sense of equality. Instead of having a literal meaning, it docs something - conveying an attitude — just like the -cd ending conveys past tense rather than “meaning.,anything. LOL. of all things, is grammar.

  Of course no one thinks about that consciously. But then most of communication operates without being noticed. Over time, the meaning of a word or an expression drifts meat used to mean any kind of food, silly used to mean, believe it or not,blessed.

  Civilization, then,is fine 一 people banging away on their smartphones are fluently using a code separate from the one they use in actual writing, and there is no evidence that texting is ruining composition skills. Worldwide people speak differently from the w ay they write, and texting -quick, casual and only intended to be read once — is actually a way of talking with your fingers.

  56. What do critics say about texting?

  A) It is mainly confined to youngsters

  B) It competes with traditional writing.

  C) It will ruin the wnttcn language.

  D) It is often hard to understand.

  57. In what way does the author say writing is different from talking?

  A) It is crafted with specific skills.

  C) It does not have as long a history.

  B) It expresses ideas more accuratcly.

  D) It is not as easy to comprehend.

  58. Why is LOL much used in tcxting?

  A) It brings textcrs closer to each other.

  B) It shows the tcxtcr's sophistication.

  C) It is a trendy way to communicate

  D) It adds to the humor of the text

  59. Examples like meat and silly are cited to show

  A) the difTerencc between writing and talking

  B) how difTercntly words are used in tcxting

  C) why people use the words the way they do

  D) the gradual change of word meaning

  60.what does the author think of texting?

  A)It facilitates exchange of ideas among people.

  B)It is a new form of verbal communication.

  C)It deteriorates pelple's composition skills.

  D)It hastens the decline of the written word.

  Passage Two

  Questions 61to 65are based on the following passage.

  it's possible to admire oprah winfrey and still wish Harvard hadn't awarded her an honorary doctor of law degree and the commencement(毕业典礼)speaker spot at yesterday's graduation.There's no question Oprah's achievements place her in the temple of American success stories. Talent,charm,and an exceptional work ethic have rarely hurled anyone of world's most successful entertainment icons and the first African-American female billionaire.

  Honorary degrees are often conferred on non-academic leaders in the arts,business,and politics.Harvard's list in recent years has included Kofi fi Annan,Bill Gates,Meryl Streep,and David Souter.But Oprah's list in recent years has included Kofi Annan,Bill Gates,Mery1 Streep,and david souter.But Oprah's particular brand of celebrity is not a good fit for the values of a university whose motto(座右铭),Veritas,means truth.Oprah's passionate advocacy extends,unfortunately,to a hearty embrace of fake science.Most notoriously,Oprah's validation of jenny McCarthy's claim that vaccines cause autism(自闭症)has no doubt contributed to much harm through the foolish avoidance of vaccines.

  Famous people arc entitled to a few failings, like the rest of us. and the choice of commencement speakers often reflects a balance of insututional pnonties and aspirations. Judging from our conversations with many students. Oprah was a widely popular choice.

  But this vote of confidence in Oprah sends a troubling message at precisely the time when American univereities need to do more to advance the cause of reason. As former Dean of Harvard College. Harry Lewis, noted in a blog post about his objections. “It seems vcrv odd for Harvard to honor such a high profile popularizer of the irrational…… at a time when political and religious nonsense so jeopardize the rule of reason in this allegedly enlightened democracy and around the world.”

  As America′s oldest and most visible university. Harvard has a spccial opportunity to convey its respcct for science not only through its research and teaching programs but also in its public affirmation of evidence-based inquiry.

  Unfortunately,many American universities seem awfully busy protecting their brand name and not nearly busy enough protecting the pursuit of knowledge. A recent article in The Harvard Crimson noted the shocking growth of Harvard′s public relations arm in the last five years and it questioned whether a focus on risk management and avoiding controversywas really the best outward-looking face of this great institution.

  As American research universities begin to resemble profit centers and entertainment complexes, it’s easy to lose sight of their primary mission; to produce and spread knowledge.This mission depends on traditions of rational discourse and vigorous defense of the scientific method.Oprah Winfrey’s honoray doctorate was a step in the wrong direction.

  61.what do we learn about Oprah Winfrey from the passage?

  A)She was a distinguished graduate of H arvard School of LaW.

  B)She worked her way to success in the entertainment industry.

  C)She used to abuse her children when she was a young mother.

  D)She achieved her fame through persistent advocacy of fake science.

  62.Why does the author deem it inappropriate for Harvard to confer an honorary degree on Oprah winfrey?

  A) She did not specialize in the study of law.

  B)She was known as a supporter of fake science.

  C)She was an icon of the entertainment industry

  D)She had not distinguished herself academically.

  63.How did Harry Lewis react to Harvard’s decision in his blong post ?

  A)He was strongly against it.

  B)He considered it unpopular.

  C)He thought it would help enhance Harvard’s reputation.

  D)He thought it represented the will of the Harvard community.

  64.What is the author’s regret about many American universities?

  A)They show inadequate respect for evidence-based inquiry

  B)They fall short of expectations in teaching and research

  C)They attach too much importance to public relations

  D)They are tolerant of political and religious nonsense

  65.What does the author think a prestigious university like H arvard should focus on?

  A)Cultivation of student creativity

  B)Liberation of the human mind

  C)Liberation of the human mind

  D)Pursuit of knowledge and truth


  56. C. It will ruin the written language.

  解析:题干问到批评者对短消息的评价,这出现在首段首句。这里批评者哀叹短消息是downfall of the written word(书面文字的衰落)。downfall对应ruin(毁坏、堕落),written word对应written language。

  57. A. It is crafted with specific skills.

  解析:题干所问的书面语与口语的区别出现在第二段。本段,作者用两者历史长短的差异引出了两者特点的差异:书面语是出现在口语之后的一种工艺 (writing is just a craft that came along later)。下文具体举例,体现了书面语突出句子的技术性(crafting long-winded sentences)。这都对应A选项。C选项所说的“书面语历史不如口语久”(It does not have as long a history)在本段有提及,但并非是作者强调的两者的区别。其它选项未提及。

  58. A. It brings texters closer to each other.

  解析:题干问到LOL在短信中的功能,出现在第四段。该段开头指出LOL并不是简单的字面意思(doesn’t mean…in a literal sense anymore),而是演变为了更微妙、复杂的含义(evolve into something much subtler and sophisticated)。我该段中间进一步举例指出,LOL可以消除对话双方的紧张、创造公平感(easing tension and creating a sense of equality)。这即被改写为brings texters closer(将双方拉得更近)。

  59. D. the gradual change of word meaning

  解析:题干问到meat和silly的例子被引用是为了说明什么。文中meat和silly出现在第五段末的破折号后,而破折号前即是这两个词作为例子要论证的观点:词与表达的意思会随着时间变化(Over time, the meaning of a word or an expression frits)。这对应的即是D选项。

  60. B. It is a new form of verbal communication.

  解析:本题所问的作者对短信息的观点集中出现在末段。末段首句作者提出发短信并不会导致写作技能的衰退(there is no evidence that texting is ruining composition skills)。第二句提到发短信事实上是一种用手指说话的方式(is actually a way of talking with your fingers),这对应的就是B选项的意思。

  61. B. She worked her way to success in the entertainment industry.

  解析:文章首段介绍了关于Oprah Winfrey的信息。首段末提到她为one of the world’s most successful entertainment icons(世界上最的娱乐偶像之一),这对应的就是B选项。其它几个选项,A称其为“哈佛大学法学院”的毕业生(a distinguished graduate of Harvard School of Law),但首段首句明确提出哈佛只是给她办法荣誉博士学位(honorary doctor of law degree),可知她本人并非哈佛毕业。C说她曾“虐待自己的小孩”(abuse her children),但首段末句只是提到她本人曾被虐待、且曾是一位年轻的母亲(this former abused teenage mother)。D称她通过长期支持伪科学而有名(achieved her fame through advocacy of fake science)。第二段第四句确实提及Opera支持伪科学理论,但这并非她成名之道;她是由娱乐界的身份而成名的。

  62. B. She was known as a supporter of fake science.

  解析:题干问到作者认为哈佛不应该给Oprah颁发荣誉学位的原因,作者在第二段第三句中提到了这个观点(Oprah’s particular brand of celebrity is not a good fit)。原因出现在第四句,作者提出Oprah一致相当拥护伪科学理论(Oprah’s passionate advocacy extends to a hearty embrace of fake science)。这对应的即是B选项。

  63. A. He was strongly against it.

  解析:题干问到的Harry Lewis在Blog spot中对哈佛行为的评价出现在文章第四段第二句,这里明确说道Harry表示了他对此行为的反对(objection),并举他具体的话强调了他认为哈佛决定的不妥以及不合时宜。这对应的是A选项。其它选项都无法体现Harry的强烈负面态度。

  64. A. They show inadequate respect for evidence-based inquiry.

  解析:题干问到作者对许多美国大学的遗憾,这直接对应第六段段首的unfortunately,其后面的内容应该就是令作者感到遗憾的事。这里作者提到许多美国大学只忙于维护品牌,对追求知识的保护则不足够(not busy enough protecting the pursuit of knowledge)。这里的not enough即对应inadequate。考虑到上段末作者曾提到哈佛这类大学应该要公开肯定基于证据的质询(public affirmation of evidence-based inquiry),而affirmation对应respect。结合上述信息与本段首的unfortunately,可知这里作者想表达的也就应该是这些大学对于evidence-based inquiry的肯定做得不够。

  65. D. Pursuit of knowledge and truth.

  解析:题干问到作者认为像哈佛这种大学应该关注的方面是什么,这对应末段首句作者提到的primary mission(首要任务),因此这里提到的produce and spread knowledge(制造与传播知识)即应该是正确答案信息,对应的也只有D 选项。

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