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  篇一:【求职就业自荐信 Self-recommendation】

  Dear Manager,


  Thanksfor reading my resume. My name is Daniel, an undergraduate from Hunan Normal University. I apply for the position that you offer in your company's website. My major is Chemistry. I chose it as my major because I think chemistry playsan important part in our daily life. Once I was a little boy, I liked using myhead. I always keep this good habit wherever I go. Thus I always can think someeffective ways to handle the difficult problems.


  Istudied hard at school, so I got the bachelor’s degree. During four yearslearning in university, I have not only learned a lot of useful knowledge, butalso improved my comprehensive abilities. What’s more, I go in for English somuch and work very hard on it. Because of my diligence, I have already passedCET-6. By the way, I also learned some computer skills in my free time, making mean expert on computer.


  Atlast, I’m eager for the chance that you are going to give me. Although I havejust left school with little experience, I still have confidence in myself, sinceI’m a person with a great will. I enjoy challenging my life. I think I’m responsibleand conscientious. Believe me, I’ll do everything to the best of my ability.


  Sincerely yours,



  篇二:【考试的作用 My Views on Examination】

  Directions: Write a composition entitled My Views on Examination. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

  1. 大学都用考试来衡量学生的成缋

  2. 考试可能带来的副作用

  3. 我对考试的看法

  My Views on Examination


  Nowadays the examination is used as a chief means of deciding whether a student succeeds or fails in mastering a particular subject in most colleges and universities. Although it is efficient, its side effects are also enormous.

  现在在大多数学院和大学,考试被用来衡量学生在学习某门课程上 是成功还是失败的主要方法。虽然这很有效,但它也有很大的副作用。

  On the one hand, examinations lower the standards of teaching. Since teachers are often judged by examination results, they are reduced to training their students in exam techniques. taught successfullywith jjntenttojtake.examinations. On the other hand, the most undesirable effect is that examinations encourage bad study habits. A the examinations corejis the only criterion for his academic performance students driven to memorize mechanically rather than to think creatively.

  一方面,考试降低了教学标准。由于经常通过考试成绩来评判老师, 他们就会降低要求至只训练学生的考试技巧。以参加考试为目标的话, 没有课程能被成功地教授。另一方面,最有害的影响就是,考试助长了 学生不好的学习习惯。由于考试成绩是评断他学习表现的标准,学 生被迫机械地记忆,而不是进行创造性的思考。

  In fact, few of us admit that examinations can contribute anything really important to the students' academic development. If that is the case, why cannot we make a change and devise something more efficient and reliable than examinations? (153 words)

  事实上,我们中很少有人承认考试对学生学业的发展有任何真正重 要的作用。如果真的是这样的话,为什么我们不做个改变,设计出一些 比考试更有效更可靠的东西呢?

  篇三:【低头族英语作文:Can you live without a mobile phone】

  It is indeed difficult to live without a mobile phone as it helps us in day to day activities. I cannot live without a mobile phone. Today's generation uses mobile phones for chatting, surfing and playing games. They don't use the mobile phone for the real purpose. I admit that living wothout a mobile phone is extremely difficult but I can live without addicting apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. The iPhone is a gadget that is encouraging to use social apps and addicting games. These gadgets though facilitate our work but are making us their slaves. For example, if a person's iPhone is not working properly, he will be filled with anger. As new technology is creating new gadgets, so are people raising new demands. They also hamper academics. Buy a mobile phone but use it for something productive.


  篇四:【童话 Fairy Tales】

  Everybody grows up with fairy tales. Before they sleep, their parents read stories to them. Fairy tales have great influence on many people’s career, especially the directors and writers. They create new stories on the basis of these classic fairy tales. These fictional world brings something positive to people.


  Fairy tales picture a wonderful world for children. In the imaginary world, children can find a lot things that they have never seen in the real life. Such as the animals who can talk, or the aliens walk in another planet. All of these provide the young people a wide vision of life, which gives them the passion and inspiration to create new things.


  The most important value of fairy tales is to show children the way to see the world. In the stories, family love and friendship are always the main themes. The protagonists fight against the evil forces with the support of their families and friends. They win in the end and grow up as the strong people. This shows the children never to give up and success will come.


  篇五:【我对家教的看法 My View on Private Tutoring】

  Recently, an investigation has caused heated debate among the society. The result of the investigation has showed that about 50% of students in cities have private tutors. Some people think it’s quite necessary to hire a tutor to help the students with their homework, while some people argue that hiring a tutor has more disadvantages than advantages.


  Why private tutoring is so popular? Well, many parents, for different kinds of reason, did not have the chance to receive a good education. When their children have problems in their study, they become helpless. Turn to the tutors for help seems to be the only solution.


  On the surface, hiring a tutor can help students to improve their marks, but in fact, it takes up too much time of the students’ time that they will have no time for rest and entertainment. They spend all their time on study, they don’t have time to do exercise or play outside. What’s more, some teachers are eager to help students to do well on the exams, offering unnecessary tasks for the students, in this case, the students burden will be very heavy to some degree. Thus, I think it’s not necessary to have private tutors.


  篇六:【钱可以买到幸福吗?Can money buy happiness?】

  In this society, nobody can live without money. It seems everything we need will use money to acquire. Then, here comes the question, can money buy happiness? Some people say that money is the source of happiness. With enough money, people can go to the places they never been, buy the things they ever want. So, they come to the conclusion that money is everything. It can buy happiness. And it’s also the resource of happiness. However, in my humble opinion, money can not buy everything, happiness is not all the thing that money can buy.


  There is no denying that money is useful. The chief thing to remember is we must be the owners of money, not to be the slaves of money. We must let the money to work for us. If we don’t have the right attitude toward to money, we may be in big trouble. Countless people break the laws because of money. In this case, you can not live in happiness. Just as the old saying goes, money cann’t buy everything, but without money, you can do nothing. Only with the proper use, money can bring us happiness.


  篇七:【知识的储备 The Store of Knowledge】

  Everybody needs to learn knowledge since they are very small. During the process, they are asked to master the skills, so as to adjust to the world and find their own place. As the saying that Rome is not built in a day, the story of knowledge has a long way to go. If we insist, we will be a better man.


  We will meet all kinds of difficulties. Life is a journey. During the journey, we will meet rainstorms and after it, we will see the rainbow. The journey helps us to grow up. If we are stuck in the trip and give up moving on, then we will never see its coming beautiful scenery.


  The story of knowledge requires us to never give up, no matter how tough the time is. Some people are easy to deny themselves if they do not get the ideal result. In fact, they learn the knowledge and they will use the knowledge some day. When there is a chance, they can embrace it. Storing knowledge and success will come sometime.


  篇八:【关于微信红包 Wechat Red Packet】

  Wechat is very popular nowadays, even the foreigners are crazy about this communicative tool. The functions of Wechat are various, such as talking to friends and paying the bill.


  One of the hottest functions is to send red packet. If people want to catch everybody’s attention in the group talk, sending a red packet works well. Everybody is excited to share the money and they will feel lucky if they get the money.


  This function brings happiness and I love it so much. Sometimes when I hear the voice, I will open the phone and try to get the money as soon as possible. When I open the red packet, I will be very happy.





  Our dormitory has four members. besides me, there are old zhao, young zhao and lily. as college students, our experiences are similar, and right now, we are all students of law school. but in terms of character, we are totally different from each other.

  Old zhao is our common sister. she is very kind and considerate. she takes full responsibility of our dormitory. if sorne of us catch a cold, she will take good care of her. whenever we are in trouble, we turn to her.

  Young zhao is a quiet girl. if there is a chat among us, she is always the one who says little but listens attentively. she has the admirable ability to do well in all kinds of examinations. we all agree that she is the example that we should learn from in studies.

  Lily is just the opposite of young zhao. she is very talkative. we enjoy her cornpany because she has the sense of humor, which rnakes her talk extremely interesting. where there is lily, there is laughter.

  Such are my three roommates. in spite of our different characters, we get on well with each other. our dormitory has become our common home.

  篇十:【英语四级命题作文:远程教育 Remote Education】

  Apprently, the vivid picture given above portrayed that a teacher and her student are praising the convenience of remote education. When it comes to the choice between studying in traditional colleges and self-studying through Internet, recently more people choose to receive remote education.

  In the eyes of those people studying through Internet, remote education has its own advantages which are beneficial to their study. In the first place, studying through Internet is more efficient and flexible because learners will not be bound up in the classroom at the required time. In the second place, they can listen to the lessons from the famous teachers who are uneasy to contact at campus.

  But remote education is still far from perfection. On one hand, staying before computers too long will make students neglect the importance of communication. On the other hand, different from the traditional teaching methods, students find it more difficult to get feedback from their teachers on time.

  In my opinion the remote education represents the trend of educational development and the most effective way to realize the popularity and justice of educational resource. Of course, presently it is only a complement to the traditional education.


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